Teresa' Miniature Creations
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mission sofa bed frame riding toycrib

I specialize in smaller scale laser cut miniature furniture kits. ONE INCH KITS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Wooden laser cut kits are available in styles that range from Victorian to Country. Craftsman and Arts & Craft miniatures come in 1/4 scale room boxes with an extensive range of miniature furniture kits and accessories.

All laser cut furniture kits and dollhouse accessories are based from original period furniture books and wood working magazines. I strive to produce accurate laser cut furniture kits from original graphics. Teresa’s Miniature Creations' goal is to keep the laser cut kits and doll house accessories affordable and easy to assemble. My kits are for the very beginner to the advanced miniaturist.

Laser cut miniature furniture kits, dollhouse accessories and room boxes come with graphics and instructions. All of my products are made with quality woods such as Walnut, Cherry or Maple. The period and style of the kits will be reflected in the type of woods used. All room box exteriors are etched to mirror the period and style.

Make sure to check my web site periodically for new items, show schedules and updates.

Teresa’s Miniature Creations kits, room boxes and dollhouse accessories are NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.

Feel free to make any request for different scales for laser cut room boxes, kits or dollhouse accessories.

Welcome and I hope you will enjoy my wonderful world of miniatures.