Teresa' Miniature Creations
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Meet Teresa

Like many of us, my love for miniatures started with my first tin dollhouse and plastic furniture when I was a child. I no longer have my first miniatures, but through the years have done many other crafts. Upon the arrival of my first daughter, I started collecting tin dollhouses and plastic furniture. Now I wanted a dollhouse of my own, but not just any dollhouse, and of course, not just any furniture. This is when I realized that I could utilize my knowledge of other crafts and scale them down for my dollhouse.

Having an eye for detail, I began researching specific eras of furniture; this is when my love affair with Mission furniture began. I found this style would give me a more accurate product because of the pre-cut smaller scale lumber that was available. This is when the "laser bug" bit. Needless to say, my whole miniature world was turned upside down. The laser is an on-going learning experience; every day I gain more insight.

These days I eat and sleep miniatures. I love to go to used bookstores to find patterns and ideas for my next creations. The laser is a wonderful tool to achieve this goal. The end result is a precise, accurate period piece of furniture that is easy to assemble and affordable.